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Steve Snyder combines his engineering education and prior industry experience in information technology with 15 years of practicing as an attorney on matters involving complex legal challenges arising from emerging technology for clients across the country and beyond. Steve is also a North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Privacy and Data Security Law. Steve is a thought leader in privacy and data security and routinely writes and speaks on CCPA and privacy topics. He advises on all aspects of clients’ privacy and data security programs and regularly works with technical, legal, and business stakeholders to mitigate security and privacy risk. He helps clients implement robust cybersecurity programs and has developed training and educational materials.

Why It Matters Whether Hashed Passwords Are Personal Information Under U.S. LawOn January 22, 2021, Bleeping Computer reported about yet another data dump by the hacker group Shiny Hunters, this time for a clothing retailer. Shiny Hunters is known for exfiltrating large databases of customer information, often through misconfigured or otherwise compromised database. These databases typically contain credential information for customers, as was the case

FTC Eyes Vendor Oversight in Safeguards Rule SettlementOn December 15, 2020, the FTC announced a proposed settlement with Ascension Data & Analytics, LLC, a mortgage industry analytics company, related to alleged violations of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act’s (GLBA) Safeguards Rule. In particular, the FTC claimed that Ascension Data & Analytics’ vendor, OpticsML, left “tens of thousands of consumers[’]” sensitive personal information exposed “to

A New Privacy Headache: Virginia’s COVID-19 Workplace Safety Rule is Poised to Impact PrivacyOn July 15, 2020, the state of Virginia adopted the first of its kind COVID-19 workplace safety mandate. Propelled by months of inaction from a federal agency tasked with nationwide enforcement of workplace safety relating to COVID-19, Virginia’s Safety and Health Codes Board adopted an emergency regulation designed to establish requirements for employers to control,