Photo of Shundra Crumpton Manning

Shundra Crumpton Manning is an associate in the Litigation Practice Group.

Shundra represents clients involved in complex business litigation and product liability disputes. She is involved in all aspects of a case, including motion practice, written and oral discovery, hearings, settlement negotiations and trial preparation.

Shundra has particular experience with managing multi-state litigation and is a member of multiple national counsel teams for pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturers. She is also highly involved in managing interpleaders in the insurance context and has secured several successful motions to deposit funds and for dismissal.

Shundra is experienced in privacy and data security matters. Her experience ranges from drafting privacy policies and counseling businesses on the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Biometric Privacy Law Expansions and Private Rights of ActionThe days of only seeing biometric techniques in spy films are well behind us. A simple thumbprint can open a phone. Systems like Alexa can recognize your voice and play your favorite music. Some banks even allow customers to make payments by using voice command and fingerprint recognition.

In 2008, Illinois became the first state

Massachusetts Voters Approve Measure for Expanded Access to Vehicle DataIn a roller coaster of an election week, it was easy for smaller ballot measures to become overshadowed. One ballot measure that you may have missed is Massachusetts’s Ballot Question 1 regarding the “right to repair” motor vehicles. The ballot measure expands access to a driver’s motor vehicle data. Vehicles are increasingly becoming more computerized

Governor Approves CCPA Amendment to Further Except Healthcare and Research InformationGov. Gavin Newsom recently approved A.B. 713, a bill that creates further CCPA exceptions for healthcare and research information. The bill is especially potent in the COVID-19 era where the need for medical research is greater than ever.

A.B. 713 presents a few notable changes from prior versions of the CCPA. First, the amendment expands